The Four Man Plan: Week 17


There were some eliminations this week. I just couldn’t deal with the German beer drinker anymore. I really felt that I had to be really open minded to date him because he was physically unattractive and it was too much. I couldn’t continue to settle for less in that way. It also was an immediate deal breaker when I realized that he was a superficial person and criticised a picture of my girlfriend who was on the larger side.

Orange man and the police was also out because the level of effort that they made was not sufficient.

Gay guy was someone who I was so excited to meet and had been chatting with online. My first impression of him was that he was much shorter than his profile indicated, and he was really nice, but my gaydar was going off. He was too well dressed, too courteous and the gay couple beside us was checking out his man purse. The Four Man Plan had a two date minimum rule, but I felt like after being in the plan for 17 weeks now, I have enough experience to declare that I don’t want to see where this can go. He also didn’t call back.

This week, I finally went on a date with someone that my coworker introduced me to (random job man). It was my first blind date experience, and it truly was a blind date because we had no idea what the other looked like. I was lukewarm about him, and he didn’t call me back either.

As I continued to enjoy the freedom of not being attached to any one guy, I felt that the lawyer and I really clicked and just as I started feeling a slight sexual attraction towards him, I met the socks man! I’ll describe the socks man in more detail in the next post.


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