The Freedom of Not Being Infatuated

The freedom of not being infatuated with any one guy was such a liberating feeling and also a feeling that I did not have much experience with. I was a serial dater, going from one man to another and falling for every other guy that I dated. I realized that being infatuated with someone was so restricting. I used to memorise which days he had off and then kept my own schedule free on those days in hopes that he would want to do something with me. If he didn’t call or if I had to be away, I’d feel anxious.

This was the first time that I’ve felt like a true single woman and I really enjoyed it! I participated in everything from ping pong to ice skating to movie nights. I planned a vacation without feeling the anxiety that I normally felt when having to be away from the person that I was infatuated with.

I also had different men taking me out on dates. I felt that a few of these men really were looking for something long term with me, but I just wasn’t sure about whether the chemistry was there. Settling down with any one of these men seemed like a really bad idea. I was just too happy about being happy with my single life that I didn’t think that it would be worth screwing up immediately. I became more interested in my options rather than committing, as I knew how easy it was to commit to being infatuated with any one man.

And so the story continues, stay tuned for the weekly updates!


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