The Four Man Plan: Week 16


What a week! The main theme of my week 16 of the Four Man Plan goes back to new years eve. There were 3 different parties that I could go to. A geek games night, a beer drinking event or a poker game with friends. I decided to check out the geek event first because it was the closest. I met a few people, played some games but found the crowd of mainly socially awkward guys not my type of crowd. So I left and went to the beer drinking event that I knew the beer drinker would be at. I mingled with the older crowd at this event for a bit, but when he got there he latched on to me and bought me beer after beer. By midnight I was wasted and decided to get a cab home.  Beer drinker insisted that I come over and rest on his couch for a bit first. At the time it sounded like a good idea but ended up being a sleepover where I was pushing away his advances. He seemed to be in love with me, or just really drunk. I repeatedly told him that I’m seeing others the whole time. Needless to say, I didn’t make the poker event but it turns out that it was cancelled anyway.

After getting back home, I realized that I committed to brunch. I saw the organiser and the dancer at brunch. I mentioned to the dancer that we should try high tea, and so he committed to organising a high tea event!

The evening of new years day, I force myself out of bed to go to a drop-in volleyball event that ended up being cancelled. The owl man who was this man that I met at the geek event also showed up and we went to eat Korean food together. It was unexpectedly a great date and he ended up paying so it definitely was a date. We exchanged numbers and email and he has been helping me download a Japanese language software in preparation for my Asia trip.

This week also included playing ping pong, ice skating, pizza eating and shopping with the lawyer and some other guys from the social group.

A few promising leads this week and I was also chatting with another man online that showed great potential, but is not in the graph since I haven’t met him in person yet. I also eliminated the uptown gamer since we haven’t spoken.


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