The Four Man Plan: Week 15


During week 15 of my dating plan, I had to cross out three guys who have not contacted me or have made zero efforts to show interest in me. They all had a way to contact me, and the rule was that if they go without contacting me for more than two weeks then they are out of the picture.  My graph has shifted from week 1-8, where most of the men were from online dating to being men that I met in person through events. Although I liked the shift, there could be more of a mix so I continued to be active on one of the online dating site.

Orange and the beer drinker were both men that I met at an event. It was nice when they were both sitting across from me and trying to get my attention at a predominantly male event. The beer drinker was nice and didn’t speak to me as much, but took more initiative to ask me out after the event. He took me out on a long first date with lots of drinks and a good time at dinner. He shared his gloves with me because it was freezing out and messaged me the next day. Orange came on strong during the event where he tried to share dessert with me. He stayed back during the event just to say goodbye to me.

Although both orange and the beer drinker were both nice, I am not excited by either of them. Orange is not my type and beer drinker is not physically attractive. I continued to keep an open mind and to see if I can use this as an opportunity to practice being upfront about just meeting people and getting to know them.


8 thoughts on “The Four Man Plan: Week 15

  1. I just started following you but I look forward to reading your four man plan from the beginning. Before I met my boyfriend, I did the same thing but it might of been plus or minus 4. Lol

    1. Thanks for the follow. The Four Man Plan is a dating book by Cindy Lu and I’m following her plan. I try to do a good job explaining the rules and what I’m trying to achieve, but you can also YouTube it for a quick explanation.

      1. My boyfriend and I just broke up last night and I’m still dealing with a mixture of emotions but I’m going to read more when I get time. Thanks for the post!

      2. I’m sorry to hear about your relationship. I’ll keep posting in hopes that there are readers like you out there. Thanks again for the follow.

  2. I started reading from phone sex operator on. And Im currently reading week #6 from my phone in bed next to my bf. Lol. I love your blog so far, im not that courageous to write about all the details yet but I might soon. My blog is only about my relationship with him and he doesnt know about it at all. I just needed a place to share outside of my friends.

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