The Four Man Plan: Week 14


This week I continued to meet lots of people at social events. These are a bit like group dating sometimes. I went to a dining in the dark event and met up with the lawyer since he was in the area and trying to kill time before the dinner. We had a drink at a café. At the event, I was tuned into the organizer since he was one of the few people that I knew. There was an awesome moment when both the lawyer and organizer were making sure that I sat next to them at the dining table. We all ended up at the same table, but I wasn’t really close to either of them. I was scared of the dark and the dancer sat across from me and held my hands for the first few minutes. He also demonstrated a dance move on me later in the night. When I got home, the lawyer texted me to say he had a great time. Boom! And that all made for a fantastic night.

At a holiday party I reconnected with the policeman and he ended the night by saying that he still owes me an arm wrestling challenge over coffee. I also met the uptown gamer who I connected with over a nerdy topic. He said that he’ll look for me on Facebook.

Collecting these quarter value men at the events was going fantastic and I wished for more events to boost my confidence. It puts the fun back into being single, that’s for sure.

Online dating was not doing as well. I met the Russian and he was just not physically attractive and was generally negative as a person. We also had little in common. He was great at initiating, but I had to nip the whole thing as it felt like a waste of time to be around someone so negative and unappreciative. I also made a mental note myself to ensure the I don’t come off too negatively when on dates. So there was some good that came out of it.


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