The Four Man Plan: Week 13


Okay, so technically this isn’t week 13 because I took a bit of a hiatus from the plan due to being side-tracked by the pie guy.  This is still week 13 of being on the plan, however. I’m trying to get my mojo back!

I went to a few social events that really boosted my deflated ego. I wanted to gather a bunch of potentials without really committing to liking anyone in particular. So organizer, business man, rocky and foodie are all from these events. I was just there to meet people in general. In the past, I may have targeted a guy and focused on getting to know him, but turns out being a social butterfly worked better.

MBA guy came back in town for his annual visit and I wanted to see how I felt about him. I felt nothing and that was a great feeling. Actually, not liking any guy in particular is such a liberating feeling. Especially, after the emotional roller coaster ride that I went through with the pie guy. There are very few times in my adult life where I’ve just not been engrossed with a crush, lover or boyfriend.

I really wanted to enjoy this moment for awhile longer, whilst keeping an open mind in the following weeks.


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