Everything but Sex (Explicit)

Adding to the pie guy’s mysterious tale are the odd sexual experiences that I’ve had with him. As I’ve mentioned, after six weeks of dating, I had still not had sex with him.

In the first few weeks, I was adamant about not letting it gets too far too quickly. We kissed, and then made out and it was at least four weeks in before we started dry humping and getting naked. His kisses were amazing because he had the timing of when to introduce the tongue exactly right. He was good at leading and following, just amazing and one of the best kissers. As I was on top of him (fully clothed), he would guide my hips to grind on his hard-on.

So, the getting naked part was really exciting and fun. We engaged in everything but sex. The sexiest move was when I was on top naked and he was fingerings me and my juices were dripping on him as I jerked him off. We would also engage in oral sex.

So this happened a few times and I wondered whether he wanted to fuck me, he didn’t! I offered him a condom, he said he really shouldn’t. He would keep coming back, and we would just repeat without getting any further.

I found this odd, but not really that odd. I suspected that he had performance anxiety because firstly, he had the smallest dick I’ve ever seen and secondly he can and would cum after 1-2 minutes of stimulation. Was this a turnoff? Meh, a little but I didn’t care all that much. He was the first to really show me how exciting the journey could be. The anticipation, excitement and raw intimate connection.

I accepted him as a human being and as a package. When he didn’t call me back, I wanted to say, “but I love you even though you have a small dick!”. And I really did.


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