The 6 Week Dating Fraud

I was subject to a 6 week dating fraud. The pie guy and I dated for exactly 6 weeks, from the time we met until the time this odd text conversation happened:

Him: Hey
Me: Hey, do you want to come over for ice cream?
Him: Tomorrow! 🙂
Me: How about Tuesday or Friday instead?
Him: *Drops off the face of this world and doesn’t respond back*

My womanly intuitions immediately gave me huge red flashing lights. I didn’t trust my instincts and consulted a female and male friend for their opinions. The female told me to send a text to follow-up, okay, I did… again nothing so maybe his phone is broken.  The male friend said that since he has been showing most of the initiative, I should at least try another method of reaching out. I called him. He was friendly, but cold and he said that he was busy that night. I was breezy and said okay.

His usual texting completely stopped, and there was no signs of him rescheduling. Five days pass and I was completely shocked and hurt. This was someone who had been doing 70% of the work chasing me, coming up with ideas, introducing me to his friends. I sent one more text as a reality check… nothing.

What’s odd was that Monday that we were going to have ice cream was exactly 6 weeks from the day that we met. My woman intuition tells me that it was deliberate and decided from the start that this would be a precise 6 week chase. My logical brain tells me it’s only been a week since he’s stopped chasing me and to not throw out his toothbrush.

I almost wished that I hadn’t met him. It made me lose faith in dating. I had followed the rules. I even held off on sex (although we did engage in other activities together in which I will share in a later post). This left me completely baffled.


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