The Love Triangle

The love triangle involved me, the MBA guy and another guy who was in the closet about his sexuality, let’s call him the confused banker. So, MBA guy was at the center of this love triangle with me and confused banker. This love triangle was most prominent during the period shortly after the big breakup with my ex.

All three of us were confused in our own way. I was a little confused now at how to be single, MBA guy was confused as he just broke up with his ex-girlfriend in pursuit of an MBA degree and of course, the confused banker was confused about his sexuality. We all spent a lot of time together. I remember nights of house party and pub hopping. My life revolved around binge eating fast food, getting drunk and making it a game to make sure no one at work noticed. It was a bit of a blur.

MBA guy is a heterosexual and I wrote about him in a previous post about how we hooked-up and how I hopelessly fell for him. Well, the entire time the confused banker had been scheming to ensure that we did not sleep together. He always made sure that I got home and made it his priority to get me home safe. His perogative was really to just make sure we did not get together.

So how did I pull it off? After one night of late night drinking, again, on a weekday, I was ushered home by confused banker. We walked a bit and he eventually put me into a cab. I told the cab driver to take me straight back to the MBA guy’s place. He circled the block and got me right back. I lied and told MBA guy I was too drunk to know where the cab took me and stumbled back to his place when we finally hooked up.

Fast forward a few months when MBA guy came to visit, I fell immediately back into this crazy world. We were making out at a club when the confused banker stepped in and declared that he was leaving and that MBA guy should come with him. I went home alone that night.

How was this even a deadlock situation? MBA guy is a heterosexual guy!!! I became frenamies with the confused banker, both of us hoping for the return of MBA guy.

Fast forward another year, and I am waiting for MBA guy’s usual yearly visit to see whether I am still under his spell.


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