The Four Man Plan: Week 12


Shortly after dismissing the nerd from my dating graph, I felt like I could not date anyone other than the pie guy. I knew that this was against the rules of the dating plan that I was on, but it just felt right. I’ve learned a lot from the dating plan and one important thing that I learned was to have a balance and not put all hope into any one particular man. Taking that into consideration, I decided to consume myself with exercising. Hence, the 5 full squares taken up by this activity.

What made me come to this graph, which looks a bit like cheating and throwing the rules out the window? I was feeling really scared about how strongly I felt about the pie guy. It felt like my relationship with the traveller all over again, which did not end particularly well. I was so scared of doing the wrong thing, it felt immobilising.

So, I confided in a friend and he asked me what was stopping me from opening myself up to this prospect of happiness? I explained to him about how I wanted the pie guy to pursue me and that I didn’t want to scare him away and that I’m holding out on sex because of The Four Man Plan. He gave me the best advice, which was to do what felt right and what would make me happy. This sounds cliché, but after following so many rules it just made so much sense.

Part of the process of falling really hard for someone is to go along with it and not fight it. It is unpredictable, uncontrollable, scary and exciting. So I decided to get rid of all the rules and keep only the learnings from the experiences of being on the plan.


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