Pie Guy vs. Nerd

This was the first time since starting the dating plan that I had a direct competition between two men. The pie guy, this non-chalant and athletic man that gave off a cool and friendly vibe and the nerd, this intelligent and loving man. At the very beginning, I couldn’t decide who I liked more.

The first date with the nerd was a simple coffee and walk, but on the second date it seemed like he pulled out all the stops. He brought me a rose, took me to a variety of interesting dates including rock climbing. Though I didn’t find him incredibly attractive, I felt that there could be an attraction that could be developed. He kissed me at the end of the date.

The pie guy was a man that I met at an event and he took the initiative to message me and ask me out for pie. He kept it cool and we had this awkward man-to-man hug (with patting) at the end. We continued to see each other at volleyball events and went to McDonald’s one night. We had a lot in common, but again, it felt platonic. He asked to come over and make smoothies. We finally kissed and it was magical!

I couldn’t stop thinking about the pie guy, but I wondered if it was because I was more physically attracted to him.  I started pondering whether he was the type that I usually fell for and kept my distance for fear of being hurt. At the same time I loved the attention that the nerd was giving me and I don’t think that anyone has pulled out all the stops for me like he has.

I kept both men on my radar, aiming to truly decide which I liked more.

3 thoughts on “Pie Guy vs. Nerd

  1. I’ve two lined up right now. 1) Model, gorgeous, so fucking sexy. 2) PhD. Hospital administrator. Also sexy.

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