The Reminiscing of Past Lovers

I read somewhere that it takes 8 weeks for a man to realize what he has lost in a relationship and 8 weeks for a woman to get over a man. Well, I’m going to call that bullshit because I still missed the traveller, even after 10+ weeks without any contact.

After being on the four man plan, and meeting many other men, I did realize that there were men that were willing to treat me much better than the traveller. Even still, I missed the thought of his touch and the beautiful sex that we had. I recalled distinctly thinking about how amazing sex was with him. I felt that it was unhealthy to miss his touch so much.

Then just to confuse me even more, I hear about MBA guy and how he will be back in town again. Immediately, I turn into a crazy person and think in my head “I love MBA guy”. 

MBA guy and the traveller were both men whom I have had great sex with in the past and it became apparent that I couldn’t disconnect myself from these experiences.  I knew that I would in a heartbeat have sex with these men again should I have the chance and I knew this was partly because there was no one else in my life that was fulfilling my sexual needs.


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