The Four Man Plan:Week 10


This week, my dating life started getting more interesting, and I became more grateful for the plan. I have almost a full chart. The nerd and the pie guy has really captured my attention. This week the nerd continued to initiate dates with me, asking me to the new aquarium and to come over so that he could cook for me. He has shown the most amount of initiative that I have seen from a man, ever. I like him, but I’m a little hot and cold with him because sometimes his few extra pounds coupled with his heavy breathing when we kiss is a bit of a turn-off.

It is a close competition between the nerd and pie guy, but the pie guy takes the edge because he had this cool factor to him. He didn’t make it blatantly obvious that he is into me. I was convinced that it was more of a friendship thing that we had until he put his arms around me and we kissed on my couch after making smoothies together. We wrestled on the couch and  he has a great body, which was a turn-on. We kept it at kissing and I kicked him out once it got too late.

I was so into the pie guy that I just needed a distraction. I brought back Starbucks guy into the graph. At the end of the week 10 I’m very happy with myself in keeping at the plan and holding out on sex.


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