The Four Man Plan:Week 9


I’m quite sure I scared off the dog walker with the sex phone call, which I initiated. I really wasn’t interested in him in anything other than sex and I’m sure he was the same. He didn’t bother to contact me after the call so he was eliminated from this weeks graph.

This week, I was looking to diversify my graph by meeting more men in different ways. I found this website that holds local events for all types of people including singles. I had been to one of these events before, but it was a disastrous one with loud music, tightly packed bars and dance floors. I gave the site another try, but this time I picked an event that I would enjoy regardless of the types of people that came.

I went alone to this event and upon arrival I immediately connected to the people there. After the event the pie guy contacted me and asked me out for pie. I hadn’t expect a date to come from these events so soon, so I was ecstatic!  The pie date went well and we even saw each other at two more volleyball events.

The events were great and even when I didn’t meet anyone, I was still having fun with the activity anyway. This didn’t mean that I gave up on online dating. I met the nerd online and he was initially unappealing due to his physical features, because let’s be honest, that’s what online dating is centred around. What drew me to him was that he was responsive, and when I gave him my number, he called me immediately. He took initiative and he planned our second date to the aquarium and came prepared with tickets. I took a liking to him and made sure to tell him that I was seeing others. He didn’t flinch when I mentioned that and on top of that he kissed me at the end of our second date.

So there’s a big cross over Sensible. I tried hard to accept him, but when he asked to come over to my place I felt it was too soon to be staying in. He had already come over once for a walk and smoothies, I wanted to be taken out. This one had not impress me yet. Although he asked me what I felt like doing, he turned away my suggestions for a movie night out or dinner. He was unwilling to do anything else and the Four Man Plan allows me to drop him off he isn’t reasonably willing.


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