Sensible Man

Sensible man was named as such because he was sensible with his money. He was always looking to stretch his money as far as reasonably possible. Unfortunately, his threshold for reasonability was far higher than mine and I found this to be a turnoff.

On our first date, he brought me to a college pub. I was confused, but it had a nice patio and who doesn’t like a good deal? On our second date he allowed me to choose from 3 places, all of which I’ve never heard of, and in a neighbourhood full of great restaurants, I’m not sure why we went to the worst “Thai” restaurant ever.  I had caesar salad, potatoes and a coconut drink. He had a chow mein… pretty sure he doesn’t know what Thai food is. They had a nice patio, but they did not take credit cards and forced him to take money out from this really sketchy ATM.

Third date, I was impressed that it was a fancy supper club. I offered to get the second round of drinks and discovered that the drinks were dirt cheap. I had to ask the bartender if it was a mistake. The bar soon got so busy, we had to leave or risk getting trampled. Okay okay, so maybe I was being my usual judgemental self I thought.

I tried to continue to keep an open mind but it’s like it’s this guy’s life mission to be frugal. There were many other things but the most appalling was when he was away on vacation. Him and his friends went to Mexico and ended up in a strip club for his birthday. The girls got him up on stage and gave him a special birthday dance. I asked if he had to tip them, he said “No, of course not!”. He told me that because they got him on stage and because they were foreigners that he didn’t need to tip. And he said that the girls should have been honoured because he was a guests on the stage. I felt like this was too far, maybe because I was also in the adult entertainment industry. (He did not know this). Regardless, I felt that it was a disrespectful comment.

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