The Four Man Plan: Week 8


Week 8, I made dog walker a 2.25 value man by sleeping with him. I wrote in detail about this experience in a previous posts. It was a premature move on my part and I broke the rule of waiting to make sure that it was right, but 8 weeks without sex was just too much. Dog walker ignored my texts since the bad sex… yeah I’m also not sure why I texted him when the sex was so bad. Funny enough we did some sexting and I told him to call and we started having phone sex. As a phone sex operator, it feels great to have a man call because that’s my playground, and where I feel most confident.

Programmer and I also progressed despite the fact that I felt that he talked too much. Of the men on my graph, he was really good at consistently asking me out. I told him that we could kiss… I expected it to be bad but wow he went in with his mouth open and tongue out… I had to back out, but we eventually did kiss. I told him he needed more practice. Great thing about him is that he knows that I’m dating other men. I don’t see it going anywhere but he’s funny.

I started getting sick of online dating and the poor quality of men. As I was finally done with my exams, I decided this was a good time to explore other options. Like having a diversified investment portfolio, I felt that it was important to also have a diversified pool of men to date. More on that in the next weekly update!


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