The Four Man Plan: Week 7


In the previous week of my dating plan, I justified getting rid of some of the men due to having to study. It felt good because I was a little overwhelmed and felt like I was leading some of them on. In week 7, after completing my exam I realized that I will have to refill the gap that I left. I started working on rebuilding my graph from online dating.

Previously I had something provocative on my online dating account, and it worked well but I didn’t feel that it reflected what I wanted, which is something on-going with someone that I could really respect. So, I branched out and re-vamped my profile. I even started an 8 class crash course on how to write an online profile. One of the best tip from that course was to really be a fun, positive and honest about dating objectives in order to attract the right type of person. Although I found that most men online don’t read the profile anyway. I found that a picture of a non sexual body part like legs or the curvature of the torso attracts lots of guys and then I couple that with some regular shots and a decently written profile. That was my new strategy.

After playing around with my online profile and trying a different site, I met VP and octopus guy. I just wasn’t amused by them and felt like we were too different. VP talked about being vice president at his job and continued down that path for hours. He was sweet but he clearly was established and wanted to retire soon although he was online in his mid 30s. Octopus guy had no issues living in the most ghetto area of the city and we had nothing in common. I have been consistently asking for a second date as part of The Four Man Plan, but I broke the rule with octopus guy.  It was because he was so different from what I expected him to be. He also didn’t ask me out again.

Sensible guy was also a really interesting one for me to meet and I’ll have more on that in a future post. The array of personalities that I met with was very interesting, but I found it hard to not immediately judge them (and disqualify them as potential dating material).


2 thoughts on “The Four Man Plan: Week 7

  1. I commend you on your bravery for not jumping to conclusions and judging these men via their profiles/conversations. Remember, these short conversations either via online messaging or SMS are not a good indication to someone’s personality. Best way to determine is to meet up face to face for a date and go from there. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes xx

    1. It’s true, although I haven’t found someone who has completely blown me away in real life but was a douche online. Thanks for your support, I’m going to keep trying and will keep updating. I do have a positive outlook. Week 8 coming up.

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