Four Years of Bad Sex

So what kept me in a 4 year relationship with bad sex? Well there were several different factors.

1. We both had very limited amount of experience with sex and we didn’t know any better.

2. I valued our personality compatibility ahead of sex.

3. We had variety. When we first got together, we had this sneaky type of sex at my parent’s place while they were at work. It required planning and him to hide his shoes while he was over. It also involved making sure the bed didn’t squeak too much.

Then we moved to having sex in the car. We both had small cars so it was uncomfortable, sweaty and gross.. but exciting. I did enjoy having sex in the SUV whenever we were able to get that. My favourite position was when I had my pelvis up against the storage between the front two seats and he took me from behind.

One day we were parked at the make-out beach and going at it as usual when immediately after we finished, we saw flashlights shining directly into the car. The police had us come out (without our pants) and questioned why we were trespassing. They probably got a good laugh out of it. So did we learn our lesson? Nope. We were at it again in the mall parking lot and the mall cameras notified security who caught us in the most embarrassing position. Just lovely. I told him that I wasn’t up for it anymore and really it was an excuse to have sex less often.

We didn’t have car sex much after that and was limited to his parent’s place. It was the most comfortable place out of all the places, but it was still awkward and didn’t get any better. We once tried anal because he insisted too. What can I say, that sucked too and I refused to do that again with him.

When I got my own place I thought that this could be interesting to finally have a safe place to have sex. Although the sex was so stale at that point due to the declining relationship that it actually got worse. I bought some toys that I liked, but he wasn’t as into them. At this point I went off birth control pills and sex with a condom was not as enjoyable for him and I didn’t like it either because he would take forever to finish. At the time I didn’t realize it but I guess in my final attempt and our final fuck, I went all out, no condom and I decided to drive the show. Bad sex was still bad sex.


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