The Four Man Plan: Week 6


This is week 6 of trying to follow The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu. I began to have a wide variety of men on my graph. Week 6 was when I went on vacation and met standard guy and the wingman. I mentioned them in detail in a previous posts. I also met dog walker this week.

Week 6 was when I decided to cleanup my dating chart a bit. Even though I didn’t have a full graph, I was getting so busy with a professional exam. According to the plan, I am allowed to take as much time as I needed to myself. So, firstly standard guy was eliminated because he didnt respond or even try to contact me after we had our fun together. I didn’t care and expected it anyway, I completely foresaw that he was not vested in me. Metro guy and real estate guy were both nice and down to earth but after 3+ dates with them, I can honestly say that I really tried but could not find enough interest. Metro guy was physically unattractive and real estate guy had self esteem issues.

I had some practice telling the men that I will no longer see them. I felt like this is a courtesy that many men have not taken for me. I wanted to give them closure and be respectful by not leading them on to think that there could be something. Oh, it was difficult! For some reason we played phone tag for the longest time and finally I had to just tell real estate guy over text. They were both disappointed, but they accepted it. I didn’t feel good about it, but I knew it was the right thing.

The lesson, or rather practice that I got this week was something that I needed.  Previously, I’ve been in relationships that I didn’t enjoy but have continued to pursue anyway because I was too scared to end it.

I also felt that I could let them go because I met the dog walker and sensible guy, both whom I was way more interested in and that was enough dating action for me while I was studying. It felt great to date multiple men and I felt like this evolution of my graph was like an upgrade in my dating life.


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