The Four Man Plan: Week 5


Week 5 of the Four Man Plan was definitely a highlight. The men were treating me so well, and I felt more spoiled than I was when I was in my past relationships. Metro guy took me to the Harbourfront and showed me this beautiful bar with a lakeside view. Then I met sailor guy, who took me to my favourite Japanese tapas restaurant (it was his idea).

Everything was very playful and not serious. Blue eyes took me on two dates on the same day. He was a good conversationalist and had a wide knowledge base. Unfortunately he was not so physically attractive because he was overweight. I was willing to overlook it, afterall out of all the men in the graph he was the only one that was bold enough to kiss me. He also said “want to give me a blowjob?”. When I said “no”, he said “just kidding”.  He admitted that he only wanted to hook up so I had to eliminate him. Honestly, I would be open to some physical fun except not with someone that I’m not attracted to.

Surprisingly, chess guy, who was really just someone who was flirty at work talked me into dinner, which he paid for so he became a half (2 squares) value. I also picked up two quarter value guys at a boat cruise. I was wasted and they never called so they were immediately eliminated. Sailor guy was also eliminated since he didn’t ask me out again. As part of the plan, I did ask and gave him an opening so I felt like I did my due diligence there.

5 weeks, no sex, I think I’m setting some kind of record here for myself…


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