Girls Night Out-of-Town

My girlfriend and I were out of town for work and we wanted some action. Here was the game plan: we would come up to an attractive guy, start small talk, determine if he was eligible then ask him if he would like to come back with us to the hotel. Sounds easy enough, right?

The eligibility tests include:
1. Make sure he was single.
2. Make sure he doesn’t work at the same company as us.

Simple, we thought. We went to a bar that was filled with men. The male to female ratio was 80/20, and the bar was hosting an eating contest. The conditions seemed ideal.

I encouraged my friend to talk to the guy at the bar, but she didn’t like him so we quickly swapped seats and I chatted him up while she tried to get the attention of the bartender. The bar guy was really cute but he had a girlfriend so he was ineligible, but it turns out that he knew some other single guys that he queued over once he figured that we were interested.

The reason for the group of guys turning out was because one of their friends recently had his girlfriend walk out on him and he was heartbroken. My friend chatted up heartbroken guy while his wingman was on me all night. They chatted and chatted and at some point I said that we should close by inviting them back and then leaving together in hopes that they would follow.

We invited them back but didn’t yet tell them that we were heading out when they told us they were going to another bar and gave us the address. We followed along, and had another drink. We had to bring them back, so I told the wingman that we were heading out and that they should come.

Wingman went and talked to the heartbroken guy for a long time. Turns out that heartbroken guy was too drunk and emotional. Heartbroken guy and my friend kept talking and he explained that he is just too empty and broken. I spoke to wingman, who turned out to be quite an interesting conversationalist. We finally accepted that they won’t be coming back with us and we leave.

We drive by another bar on the way back but it looked dead, probably because it was a weeknight so we gave up and retired to our hotel rooms.  We were both disappointed and puzzled. We’ve never done such a thing before, but we didn’t think that it could be so challenging.


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