The Four Man Plan: Week 4


Week 4 of my dating plan and I’m still trying to bring more guys into the picture. I was chatting to a bunch of guys online, but I was having problems getting them to ask me out. I always cut to the chase and try to meet as soon as possible, and when meeting has to wait due to life schedules, I would ask to talk over the phone. The guys on my graph are only guys that I have actually met in real life. If it’s not real, I don’t count it.

The investment banker was a one date deal. We met online and he took me out for drinks. He had already predrank and was quite wasted by the end of the date. He was also really arrogant and talked about himself a lot. I was told that this is typical for an investment banker. He was well travelled and intelligent so I did do my due diligence in asking for a second date although our conversations came to a halt after the first date, so he’s out.

Starbucks guy is a long time friend that I’ve always had a crush on, but his interests in me has always been friends with benefits only and so he didn’t want to date so I crossed him out.

A few guys have progressed to 2 squares, which means that I’ve been on more than 3 dates or I told him that I’m dating others in addition to him. This is also part of the dating plan. At week 4, I was enjoying the plan and being taken out by different guys. I felt like this is how dating ought to be and that men should be doing the chasing.

As I was meeting up with more people, I guess statistically, I also ended up with a few flakers. There was this one man who is not on this chart that delayed our meeting, had me walk in the rain and then wait outside for him to come. After waiting 20 mins, he decides that he was cutting it too close to a business meeting so he bailed. I was furious, especially because he said that if I was a nice girl that I would understand. Unforgivable, I said and I did not give him a second chance. My opinion is that a first date is like a first impression, both parties may be nervous and may mess up a bit, but it should be considered an important priority. He could have rescheduled earlier in the day or at least was more tactful in giving his excuse.

Although I was enjoying dating, I was having a difficult time with the lack of sex in general. A man must progress slowly to a value of 2.25 or 9 squares in the graph before sex can happen. That sounds very clinical and planned, but waiting for sex with the men in my chart was not really a problem for me since I wasn’t attracted to any of them in that way.


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