Traumatic Childhood Experience

I just recently recalled this rather bothersome childhood memory. I was 6 years old and English wasn’t my first language. I was only starting to learn how to converse in English and I liked to answer the home phone because it made me feel grown up.

This one time, I answered the phone and it seemed like someone dialed the wrong number so I said, “I think you got the wrong number”. The man on the other side of the phone didn’t seem to care and asked me my name and how old I was. I spoke to him like I would to my relatives over the phone and asked him if he wanted to speak to my mom. It was clear that he randomly dialed my number because he also asked what my telephone number was. I answered all of his questions.

He told me that he was with his sister and that they were kissing each other. I also recall a female voice in the background. He was really into pantyhose and said he was doing a pantyhose survey. He asked me all sorts of questions about what kinds of pantyhose I liked and what my mother wore. He asked me if I knew what a cock was, I said no and he explained it to me.

At first I was rather indifferent and then I became a little uncomfortable that he asked me so many questions and I would ask whether he wanted to speak to my mom. He called back twice and the second time my mom asked who I was talking to, took the phone from me and questioned who they were.

I would like to think that this experience didn’t have an affect on me, but the fact that I recall this memory so clearly leads me to believe that it probably did. Maybe this is a factor in why I’m a little fucked up and why I’m a lot more open about my sexuality than my friends.


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