Crazy Things That I Have Done for Guys

I’m sure every girl has her secrets about the crazy things that they’ve done for guys. Here are mine:

The boy craziness started young for me. When I was 11 there was this boy that I liked and we were at one of those awkward school dances when one of my girlfriends violently encouraged me to dance with him. She accidentally scratched me, but I did end up dancing with him. I allowed the scratch to heal into a scar to commemorate my first dance with a boy.

When I was 13, I was so incredibly infatuated with this one guy that I kept a diary that I wrote in everyday for about a year about my feelings towards him. I also had a graph to measure how strongly I felt towards him. This guy had a hold on me for years.

My first boyfriend, we were in high school and he wasn’t so bright. Of course I had to be in the same group projects as him so I pulled the weight and did all parts of the project myself.

Then I went out with this guy who was “too busy” for me all the time. I would spy on him to see when he got home from work and wondered why he didn’t call. I did everything for him. I pushed him to go to school, filled out his application, did his homework and sometimes even picked him up from school. For his birthday one year I threw him a huge hotel party with all of his friends.

In the very beginning, I almost broke up with him and I sat outside his house for 2 hours in sub zero temperatures waiting for him to come home because I felt that I needed to break up with him in person. It’s ironic because at the end of the 3 year relationship, he ended it over instant messaging.

To be continued…


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