Crazy Things That I Have Done for Guys 2

My first real boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me via instant message. I was so distraught that I fainted when I found out that he was open to date others. I was convinced that if I could just see him in person that I could persuade him to take me back. After we broke up, I bought and mailed him a gift that included a video that I made of myself asking him to please try to work things out and set a date for which we should meet.

I showed up at the date place and he was a no show. I said that I would walk away if he didn’t show up but nope, against all common sense, I show up at his place to beg him to take me back. (I also took back the video because I  realized that it would be embarrassing if it leaked.) Anyway, he said he would take me back but of course he didn’t.

My second real boyfriend, I helped him finance a motorcycle. This motorcycle caused me so much grief and I’m certain that he loved this vehicle more than me. The amount of money that he threw into this hobby and wrote it off as a “passion” was ridiculous. I would buy him motorcycle related birthday gifts upon his request. Vacations were planned with maximum motorcycle riding time in consideration. I endured the most uncomfortable 4 hour ride of my life and I’m sure that I almost died one time we ran over a huge rock on the freeway.

Every time he was stranded, or drunk, I would go and pick him up. Oh yeah, and because he lived with his parents we would have sex in his car or my car. There were two such incidences where we were caught having sex in the car by the police! I didn’t even want to have sex in the car with him. It sucked.

I’ve just given so much for the idea of love. I want to be able to turn it around and be the one to benefit sometimes. I need some kind of balance in my dating life.

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