The Four Man Plan: Week 3


I was seeing some morphing of my dating mantris this week. The vball guy who was this tall and incredibly sexy man moved back to his hometown so he was out, and he kind of made me feel bad about myself because he was arrogant and was playful, but mean to me when he called me spoiled. The food critic, the accountant and the nail guy were now considered ineligible because they were all dating other people. I didn’t really care that I’ve dropped these guys as I was so busy looking for and meeting new men.

I did everything I could to get myself out into the dating market. I went to a speed dating event and met some horribly uninteresting people with horrible communication skills. It was just a shit show, but I did meet one guy that was alright and seemed like the type that I could bring home to my parents so I clicked the yes box for him. He ended up taking me out on quite a nice date.

I was also back on online dating and who do I see showing online? The traveller! I had a mini heart attack and was scared that he may have also seen me. I died a little bit on the inside. I was shocked, hurt… it was just a mixed bag of emotions. I had to tell myself STOP! I was being ridiculously overly emotional.

On the other hand, I promoted the Metro guy to a half man meaning we officially went on more than 3 dates together and I told him (indirectly) that I was seeing other people. It felt weird! I had absolutely no attraction to this guy. I wondered whether I was leading him on or whether I was just giving him a chance? There seemed to be a really fine line between the two.


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