The Four Man Plan: Week 2


A large component of The Four Man Plan is whether the man is honest, loving and willing. If he doesn’t fit these key adjectives then he is removed from the mantris graph. Week 2 was when I realized that the traveller was not honest and open enough to tell me his true feelings about how he felt about commitment. More about that in my previous post.

The Asian fetish guy was eliminated because he declined to take me out. And I found myself another quarter to fill up the graph, the food critic. The food critic is a guy that I met at a mixer type event.

To be honest, none of the men on my graph were men that I previously would have considered in the past. But abiding by the plan meant that I had to juggle these guys and give them some attention. I wanted to be true in my attempt to really connect with them. I went to the nail salon with the nail guy and I went to the movies with metro guy. I couldn’t remember the last time that I went to the movies! The recent men that I was with didn’t like the movies, so it was a different but good experience.

Juggling the men really took my mind off things, which is exactly what I needed in my life at the time.

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