Solo Sex

Solo sex is not something that I’ve ever really relied on as the meat and potatoes of my sex life. Being in a long term relationship for most of my adult life meant that I got fed regularly. Solo sex for me was always the naughty midnight snack that I would sometimes indulge in or the dessert after I’ve had the main course.

It was really in my solo sex sessions that I actually had real orgasms.  I’ve always been experimental when it came to masturbation but the way that I got off was always the same and everything else was just the frills. I could only have an orgasms by rubbing myself up against the corner of a pillow. I would use toys and other props sometimes, but without the rubbing I just couldn’t get off. It was something that I’ve always been embarrassed about.

Being single meant that I’m much more reliant on solo sex to pleasure myself. It now needed to be my main course. I was not used to this! Since being single, I’ve been more adventurous and tried different things. I bought a rabbit type vibrator and for the first time I experienced a dual g spot and clitoral climax. I also discovered how to orgasm using just lube and rubbing my clit. I’ve also once was able to have a purely g spot orgasm but have yet to be able to replicate it.

I’ve learned a lot about myself, that’s for sure. But nothing can really replicate the wholesome feeling of a really good sex session, especially if it’s with someone special.


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