The Four Man Plan

It was as if I knew that the traveller did not want anything to do with me after I brought up the idea of commitment. The most amazing sex could not save this inevitable end. I knew that I needed to vamp up my dating plan, whether it was to avoid the disappointment or as a plan B to the traveller.

While exploring my second job as a phone sex operator, I found success by doing a lot of research. My research included watching porn and reading up on industry practices and trends. I felt that maybe with some research I could find the same success with my dating life.

I read internet blogs and book reviews and stumbled upon The Four Man Plan by Cindy Lu. The premise of the book is a dating strategy based upon dating multiple men, but maintaining sexual exclusivity. At first I thought that maybe this book was just an excuse that was enabling me to maintain a tie with the traveller, but as I read on, I was convinced. The book explained that a big mistake that a woman makes is to assume exclusively too early and this leads to expectations that scare a man off.

This was a turning point in my dating life and strategy. I made the decision to give this dating strategy a go.


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