The Traveller

After changing my profile description to something more floozy, I was getting many messages. It was easily over 100 messages a day. My sexual needs were screaming at me and I decided that it would be perfectly okay to find a hot young professional man to help with this. I told myself that I could still continue looking for someone more suitable for something more serious while having my sexual needs satisfied.

I found a few suitors very quickly, but there was this one guy who was polite and forward about meeting me immediately. He asked whether he could come over to join me for dinner. I told him not to have any expectations and he agreed. This was crazy I thought, inviting a complete stranger over to my place! I contemplated meeting him in the lobby downstairs, but ended up just having him come up.

I wore an ugly gray sweater, jeans and no makeup. At this point, I didn’t intend on impressing him or anything. I just wanted to have company for dinner. This was how I met the traveller.

The traveller did not impose a great impression immediately upon meeting him. He had a trimmed beard and brown hair. I didn’t like this because at the time I was still looking for a replacement for MBA guy and he didn’t resemble MBA guy.

We went up to the rooftop and had a nice casual conversation. I was convinced that this would be a one date wonder. At the end of the night he tells me that he didn’t have a way home! The public transit was closed. I thought to myself, why anyone would put themselves in that kind of situation! I could have kicked him out, but he seemed like a nice guy so I offered him my pullout couch.

I felt bad about wanting to go to bed so early so I put on a movie for us. He kissed me! This was the first time that a date has kissed me, even the feet guy didn’t kiss me after 3 dates!  I was taken back but I then I kissed him back and he was a great kisser. We continued and kept going. He was a great lover. He was sensual, romantic and gentle.


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