The Men that Didn’t Stand a Chance

I  started looking to online dating for something more meaningful. I specifically seeked out men who had a professional career. We went on dates but in retrospect, I probably did not give them much of a chance. My judgement of them occurred within the first 30 seconds of meeting them.

There was the vegan guy, the mayonnaise guy, the Asian fetish guy, the stingemaster and the feet guy. They were all a one date wonder, except the feet guy who made it to date 3.

So here were the deal breakers. The vegan guy told me that if he was a doctor and he had a patient that was dying, he would not tell the patient. He liked the idea of living in ignorance. The mayonnaise guy had a twitch and he didn’t know what mayonnaise was made from and thought that mayonnaise was vegan. The Asian fetish guy ordered a green tea latte and decided that he could make a better one at home, he could not stop talking about how I reminded him of this Asian girl he knew and he couldn’t afford to buy himself a second muffin. The stingmaster passed the bill to me as a joke, but later decided to split the bill after contemplating it. The feet guy was actually not too bad until he broke his foot and kept texting me photos of his foot, and it was unfortunate that he had feet that looked like gross elf feet. It was enough of a turnoff for me to stop seeing him.

Every time I went I out, I hated it. I thought about the Czech guy and wondered how I was able to find such a normal and cool guy so easily, and I realized that it was what I was looking for that gave me such crappy results. The men that looked for long term relationships online were rare, the quality of the dating pool was generally crappy.

Immediately upon creating a new profile with a general statement that I was looking for a “good time”, I immediately got over 100 responses a day!

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