MBA guy is someone that I worked with and we shared many common interests, namely, gaming.  I never considered him to be anything more than a co-worker. What sparked my interest in him was immediately after I told him that I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, he started showing a keen interest in me.  Once I got the hint that MBA guy was into me, I could not stop thinking about him!

What drove me crazy was that he would flirt with me, grind up on me on the dance floors and then he would not close on me.  There were even nights where I would stay over at his place and he would have me sleep on the couch and then have cuddle sessions afterwards. I knew that he was going away to do his MBA and I knew that he recently broke up with his girlfriend, but I didn’t care.

We eventually hooked-up after a party.  MBA guy and I started making out on his sofa and it soon progressed to his bedroom and we ended up hooking up with each other.  I’m not sure whether it was because I was drunk, but it was the best sex that I’ve ever had up until that point.  He was a great kisser, and had a huge dick. The morning after was not very awkward.  We hugged and I left his place even though he insisted that I stay.

After the hook-up, I made multiple attempts to try to find time alone with MBA guy and/or talk to him.  I was delusional and thought that we could possibly have a long-term relationship.  I never found a single moment alone with him since we hooked-up, even though for weeks I went to every social event with him in hopes that we could find a minute together.  I even tried to call him up and he was respectful but maintained his distance.

When he finally left the city, I was extremely upset.  It was worse than the break-up with my ex-boyfriend because I was convinced at the time that he wanted to be with me but we had to part ways due to him going away for his MBA degree.  I was heart-broken because I truly felt that we could have had something more had he stayed in the city. The good sex definitely made me become even more emotionally invested in MBA guy.  This was definitely a case where I allowed my vagina to fall in love, when the entire time I knew that there was no chance that it would go anywhere.


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