Why I Spoke to a Shrink

I was on a business trip and for the first time I met these people that I’ve been on conference calls with for months. I was out having drinks with these business men and we all got wasted. We were in the US in an area where the liquor flowed freely and a shot of tequila was actually half a cup. 

I approached one of the senior managers, let’s call him the horny manager… I’ll get to it. I was telling him that I thought he had a fantastic team, when he responded by telling me that he thought that I was very attractive. His next move was completely unpredictable. He put his hands down my pants, and fondled my pussy! I was completely blown away, even though I was drunk. I pushed him away, and he did it again. I was confused, but I did recall thinking “thank goodness I shaved!”.

I got myself away and to someone whom I trusted. The manager that I fantasised about on the regular, he came and saved me. My white knight. It made me want him even more. I could not stop thinking about how I wished that he would “take advantage” of me.

I did realize that I had been sexually assaulted by the horny manager at the bar. I felt guilty about it, running the scenario in my head and wondering if I had somehow led him on to think that I was interested in him in that way. I realized that feeling guilt was a normal response, and tried to move on. At work, I pretended that nothing happened that night.

What I didn’t think was normal was that I started to also fantasise about the horny manager. The horny manager was actually really good looking.  And that was when I thought that this may be unhealthy, so I spoke to a shrink about it. The shrink was, in my opinion, mainly a waste of time. She was more of a paid listener rather than a professional advice provider. Anyone who had a brain would have been able to tell me that I had obvious daddy issues. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay for the service.

I always wondered about the horny manager. I wondered whether he thought about the instance when he forcefully put his hands down my pants and I wondered whether this ever ran through his head during one of our boring conference calls.


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