Unexpected Part II

The reason why my fake lesbian arrangement didn’t work was because it was fake. I started to get used to having my lunches prepped by her and having someone to go home to and even someone that I can confide in.  We talked about flirting with the boys and being newly single.  I even saw her as a liaison, and mediator between my ex-boyfriend and I.

Then, I started getting a little annoyed that she was using my space when she barely spent any time there and was using it mainly for sleeping and I really got the hint that she wanted me to make a decision about whether I wanted to get back together with my ex-boyfriend.

After telling my ex for the last time that I’ve really considered working it out but have decided that I just couldn’t do it anymore, he admitted that he has been using my said girlfriend to spy on me.  Although I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, I knew it was true after recalling the many probing questions that she asked me and the amount of time that she spent with my ex-boyfriend.  I asked for my keys back citing that I needed time on my own, which was true.

She was spending a lot of time with him and I knew that she was falling for him, but what I did not expect was that when I kicked her out of my space that she would go and shack it up with my ex-boyfriend!  Scandalous, I know.

Anyway, the confrontation was not at all a hair-pulling cat fight, so I was quite proud of myself for that.  I packed all her stuff, asked her about it, she lied and said we’d talk, but of course we didn’t.  People say that it’s always better to take the high road, because looking back you just won’t regret it.  I don’t regret taking the high road, but I sure as hell wished that I kept all of the stuff that my ex-boyfriend, and now ex-girlfriend left at my place!  I sure could use that gaming console and all those girly hair products for myself damnit.  That’s the least that I should have taken from them, after what they did! 

The one thing that I couldn’t decide whether to return to the ex-boyfriend were the unused condoms. Prior to finding out what happened, I thought that it would be mean to return them since it might send the wrong message, such as “go ahead and use these with the next girl that you’re with”. Then I also thought that not returning them would give the message that I’m keeping them for usage with other men, which I thought would be disrespectful. I ended up not returning them, but after I found out that he’s been sleeping with my friend, I did go through a phase of contemplating whether I should mail them back to him and address the package in her name since I knew she was staying with him. Anyway, that’s petty so I decided against it.


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