While on the plane with the lesbian girls, I really only considered 2 possible scenarios that would occur when I broke up with my boyfriend. Scenario # 1: He would accept that this was inevitable and that it clearly wasn’t working. Scenario # 2: He would hate me and never speak to me again.

We’ve had discussions about breaking up before and he would always suggest that we would simply go back to being acquaintances since we shared a circle of friends. What I did not expect at all was for him to go on a rampage disregarding everyone and everything to try to win my heart over. He told me everything that I wanted to hear, the “I can change” conversation. Luckily, I knew better. I had learned long ago that men are adaptive, but they don’t do big changes.  At the time when I made this decision, it was very difficult because I wanted more than anything to believe him, but turns out that I was right – more on that later.

While I was going through this mess of a breakup, I invited a girlfriend of mine who was also recently single to come and stay with me at my place. She was a student and helped out by cleaning and cooking. I had my very own live-in girlfriend. I shared my deepest secrets with her and in many ways she was the closest thing to a lesbian relationship that I’ve ever had, except for the fact that there was no sexual attraction. It made me happy, and for a very short moment, I almost felt that I could do without the men. Even if it was just a split second.

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